Combining Yoga and Psychotherapy?

What is Integrative Yoga Psychotherapy? 

The term "yoga therapy" encompasses a broad range  of modalities blended together  to assess and treat the "whole body."  At the core of this approach is the understanding that the physical and mental body are intricately connected.   Any areas of limitations presented by the clients are addressed with talk therapy, restorative yoga, reiki, pranayama (breath work) and meditation.   Each session is unique and determined by the individual needs of the client.   Clients are encouraged to maintain their improved level of functioning with weekly action plans to be carried out between sessions. 

Modern science is just beginning to understand what we yogis have known for years and as a result this discipline has emerged.   Western trained practitioners  like myself  have embraced this knowledge and have been applying it as an approach toward  healing.   As a yoga teacher I have instructed my students with therapeutic intention since 1996.  As a psychotherapist I have been recommending yoga and meditation to my clients for over 20 years. 

Much of what leads to unhappiness is the state of ignorance that the majority of us live in. We forget that we are all connected, that we are all part of an infinite source of positive energy. Yoga therapy offers a vehicle for self-knowledge so we can become acquainted with our true essence. Yoga therapy allows a troubled mind to calm and move into balance.  Western medicine has long since accepted the truth that our body consists of different energy centers (chakras) spread throughout. Each chakra is related to a specific  networks of nerves ,  endocrine gland, organ(s) and  personality qualities.  Yoga stimulates the energy of each chakra, sheds light on emotional blockages, and moves them into the conscious mind.  Once the issue moves into the field of awareness we can choose to step out of our "rut" at anytime.   This notion is validated by the psychoneuroimmunology field, a branch of psychology created in modern Western medicine.


Is psychotherapy confidential? 

As an LCSW-c the law mandates that all information exchanged be kept confidential unless the client has requested otherwise and has signed a release.  Confidentiality will be broken in the event the the client plans to harm himself/herself or others.  Additionally, the law mandates that all reports of sexual abuse be forwarded to the department of social services. 

Do I need to be flexible to do YOGA psychotherapy? 

Absolutely not! ....But an added benefit of  this treatment is a  greater level physical and mental flexibility.  Yoga is intended to restore the body.   My clients are encouraged to gracefully lengthen their bodies, only working within their personal range of motion.  Calm awareness of  sensations that arise in the body promote a safe and mindful practice.