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Yoga for Psychological and Emotional Problems
Yoga is a perfect complement to psychotherapy and other approaches to a variety of psychological conditions, including anxiety and depression.
By Timothy McCall, M.D.

Meditation’s positive residual effects
Imaging finds different forms of meditation may affect brain structure

Alternative Medicine: Does the Research Support the Movement?
From acupuncture to yoga, there are a wide variety of methods available and the medical conditions that drive people to seek alternative medical practices are ...

Feb 4, 2010 ... Long-time yoga practitioners have far lower levels of two by-products of stress and inflammation: IL-6 and CRP.
Oct 13, 2009 ... A recent study has found that an exercise routine that strengthens the muscles of the midsection can help people with lower back pain.
Jun 29, 2011 ... Stroke patients with balance problems progressed from wheelchairs to standing poses.

If you've noticed that more people are toting around yoga mats than they used to, and ... Alternative practices like yoga and meditation seem to be making a ...

Alternative methods like yoga and meditation have also been found to affect the brain and improve overall emotional functioning. Emotional Health Basics ...
From acupuncture to yoga, there are a wide variety of methods available and the medical conditions that drive people to seek alternative medical practices are ...
Jun 2, 2012 ... Acupuncture can ease pain · Stroke patients' balance improves with yoga · Surprising findings: Yoga's effect on stress. Would you like to ask ...

In Part 2 of our series on stress, we cover techniques to combat the mental and physical toll stress can take, from yoga to meditation to therapies specifically ...
Exercise is truly the fountain of youth. It is never too late to start.

I've thought I had PTSD licked via yoga and other means, but it comes back, especially when my Mom sends me crazy, "Christian", "Tea Party" stuff,.... Same ...
Feb 26, 2009 ... As an alternative to medications for depression, Yim is a proponent of the preventative approach, suggesting that prenatal yoga classes and ...
Mar 15, 2012 ... Exercise, yoga, meditation, and talk therapy are all effective ways to lessen your mental load and calm your body's systems. The study was ...
Aug 1, 2011 ... Yoga for the back · Try exercise · MRI's don't help. Would you like to ask our staff a question? > Join the discussion and leave a comment on ...
Aug 27, 2012 ... The current study adds to the growing body of evidence that meditation, yoga and tai chi can all reduce stress and increase well being. Just last ...
Nov 9, 2009 ... Having a flexible body seems to reflect a similar flexibility of the arteries. Yoga or other stretching exercise may actually help...
Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Antidepressant-Resistant Depression
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Taking Early Control of Traumatic Memories May Help Treat PTSD
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How Our Brain Gets Us Motivated
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The New OxyContin Spurs Heroin Use
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The Complicated Relationship between Alcohol and Anxiety
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